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Vick is in town! He meets me for lunch with his wife of two years, Helga, who is flying back to their home in Europe today. (Names changed to protect the nervous). They sit on one side of a table with me on the other–I resolve not to let it upset me. We talk about the shumanic studies they’ve been pursuing in Phoenix, Helga’s enjoyment of our warm weather, exciting developments in my business, and how our grown kids are doing. While Helga and I have spent time together before, she seems more open and accepting this time. Before leaving, she gives me a soapstone dolphin she has made–a special gift.

Vick drives her to LAX, sees her off, and picks me up to spend the weekend together. We stop by my house to pick up my overnight bag and to give hugs and affection my husband, Paul. We arrange to spend tomorrow evening with him. Paul walks his talk about open relationships–no jealousy there, never a trace of coldness when I return from time with a lover. Paul is the treasure of my life and I make sure he knows it.

Vick takes me for a romantic dinner on the coast. We look at the ocean, hold hands, and catch up on each other’s inner worlds. The magic is still THERE–in a touch, a smile. Pretty good after 20 years of ups, downs and too much physical apartness for the past few years.

We van camp at a local beach, too tired to make it to Santa Barbara tonight. Not too tired for lovin’–deep, passionate explosion of God and Goddess joining in ecstacy.

Next day we eat our breakfast of fruit on a cliff overlooking the sea, have lunch in Solvang and find time for more lovemaking. He’s really been immersing himself in teachings of Sacred Sexuality and seems to have more vitality in bed and out than he did ten years ago. Lucky Helga!

On our way home, we plot to reward Paul for handling the Live the Dream meeting today and giving us some special time together. After a light dinner of tuna salad and juice, we head for the bedroom.

Paul thinks he and Vick are going to drive me wild, but (surprise) it’s Paul’s turn to be in the middle. We touch, pet, and stroke him from head to foot. I love watching the two of them cuddling and loving each other. That probably drives me wilder than when they work on me! It used to be in my “secret garden” of fantasy only, but how delicious the reality. Paul delights in watching me with another woman, too. His joy heightens my own.

A woman looking over my shoulder as I write this while waiting for my chiropractic appointment, said “You have a great imagination, but it might be just too far fetched even for fiction.”

For a bisexual polyamourous couple, reality can be a lot better than fantasy!